I’m preparing to walk Te Araroa, literal translation is ‘the path long’, it takes about 5 – 6 months to complete, a walking route the length of New Zealand, 3,000km. I’m stepping out late September 2021 to end up in Bluff sometime in March 2022. Stewart Island may be an add-on all going well.

My approach is to let Te Araroa take me along as it winds its way south and be open to all of its surprises. I’m setting out as a solo hiker yet we all know we can never do things entirely on our own and so I’m hoping to meet up with other hikers who are leaving about the same time and share this adventure with.

There’s less than 3 months before I set off from Cape Reinga. The last few months have been spent sorting gear, planning a healthy diet and checking guides and maps. I’ve quite enjoyed the research and logistics of planning and preparing, yet this won’t be a race for me but a logistical challenge.

My plan is to stick to the official route and walk, cycle, kayak, catch water taxis, use shuttles or whatever self propelled equipment the guides suggest. Here is the official site. Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail — What is Te Araroa

People have asked how they can follow my progress in this long walk which is a great welcome of support. It’s still weeks away before the early spring when I set out on day-light savings morning. With more practice I will learn how to publish on the Blog regularly, though that is work in progress.

If you’d like to follow my progress, comment or send me messages, once I get going, there is a spot down the bottom to get updates into your email in-box.

-Find your happiness and learn to put it first.-

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