Day 1 Opua- Cape Reinga – Twilight Beach

Opua – Cape Reinga – Twilight Beach Camp

26 Sept, 0 – 12 km, 4:15hrs

Overcast, rain

I’ve based myself in Opua, Veronica Hut a private home. We left at 9:00 heading to the start. Dennis and Carol, my support crew, drove me through unappealing rain to breakfast at Taipa.

At the Cape it was overcast and windy, we said our goodbyes and I walked down to the lighthouse for the photo.

I met these two at the light house and chatted, one agreed to be the official lighthouse photographer. They put their beers down to take the photo.

As I descended the pathway I looked back and saw two people just little dots up the top waving and I responded. Off I went, the tide was going out but still high at 1:30.

Around the rocks at lightning speed and trying to cross between the waves I hit the rocks landing flat on the side of my face. I knew I’d be bruised for a few days but didn’t break my ear ring. I still had to climb past the rocky outcrop, so many lessons in the first hour.

A pleasant walk along The Werahi Beach up over sand dunes following markers. Let the navigation skills begin. Pheasants flew across my path giving me such a fright. With wet boots from the stream getting to the campsite seemed to take forever.

A pleasant beach walk to arrive at Twilight Beach camp 12km at 5:45. Set up tent. Carol prepared a chicken salad for me so no cooking for me tonight.

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