Day 29 Rivertime – Whanganui

9 Nov

Rivertime Lodge – Whanganui Top10, 23km

I set off at 8:30 after breakfast and packing up. It was cold last night but I knew it would soon warm up based on the clear blue sky. The power lines were right outside the cabin and ran from there way up to the hills.

Good Morning

The road followed the river and undulated around the true left bank called River Rd. A bit more traffic today going a lot faster.

The area below is just passed where I stayed and in the bank are fosilised shellfish, oysters and mussels. There was a salty smell about there too.

Not too many road finds today.

It was suggested that I look out for the gap in the hill called Gentle Annie, first picture below. What I didn’t realise is that I was about to walk up there. The second picture is when I reached the top looking down to where I took the first picture.

I was 2 km away from the Top10 as George and Rob pull up beside me. I will zero with them tomorrow and stay the night with the legendary trail angels of Whanganui.

Well that completes Taumarunui – Whanganui. That is 2 sections complete, 450km.

The next bit is 4-5 days to Palmerston North.

2 thoughts on “Day 29 Rivertime – Whanganui

  1. that view was worth the walk up Gentle Annie – great photos of this section, I have heard it is beautiful but great to see the photos as you go through. Loving the diary. How nice to get some blue sky after all that rain up north – and NO mud I guess


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