Day 54 Mistletoe Eco Camp – Smiths Farm Camp Linkwater

4 Dec, 17km, misty rain

Marty, Neil and I walked along the final section of Queen Charlotte Track at our own pace this morning. Leaving camp at 7:00 we arrived at Anikiwa at 10:00. No coffee, but a trumpet ice cream. We walked the beach side track to the end of Anikiwa Rd and found coffee at a kayak adventure company.

Here we are at the end of Queen Charlotte Track 70km
When I met Marty at Fureaux Lodge he sent this picture to Simon and Nigel, met at Tararua Ranges.

People make a huge difference on the track. We each walk at our own pace but gather at night at camp. Marty and I are planning to do the Richmond Ranges together.

Here’s my camp at Mistletoe Eco Lodge.
An Outward Bound Watch at Anikiwa
Another Outward Bound Watch on the oars.
Davies Bay.
A random farm shed
Our arrival at Smiths Farm was cold water and banana muffins Plus! Wifi
My camp before it rained all night.
Neil read this out to us as we ate our dinner as it rained.

I have enjoyed Neil’s company. He started his TA with Queen Charlotte Track complete with ukelele. Sadly he has to leave the trail to attend to private admin but will return without ukelele and many other items in his pack.

This is the end of another section. Prepare now for the Richmond Ranges.

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