Day 99 Zero day in Arrowtown

I met up with Nick + Ginny and Max + Bec for breakfast at Goldie’s in Arrowtown. There was no chef to cook so only cabinet food was available.

All 4 headed off towards Queenstown hoping to stay at a trail angels house tonight.

My plan was to chill around the Chinese Gold mining village after I had sorted out my supplies and establish a plan.

Others are side tracking and planning to walk other tracks but I’m keen to just head south and finish what I started.

So I emptied my pack of non essentials and couriered them home.

I bought lunch and wandered down to the old village to eat it.

The softest panini was delicious.

I also looked for colour and found it in these flowers in and around the village.

An old dunny

I met some bikers at the Holiday Park and we chatted for a while. Interesting travels these bikers go on trips all over the world.

Back at my bunk room I settle in for the night.

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