Day 92 Pakituhi Hut to Wanaka via Lake Hawea

16 Feb, hot and sunny

The downhill is the challenge after climbing for a couple of days there is a steep section today. 3 hours to complete the Breast Hill track.

The descent is 950m where we meet the Timaru River Rd very near Hawea.

The day began easily as all 5 in the hut woke in their own time around 6:30. I love the ease of taking the time for breakfast and a hot drink.

The sunset last night

We left the hut at 8:45 and headed out to do the big descent. We walked as a group of 5 doing our own thing. Steep rocky drops following the fence up and over the bluff.

A ridge climb that started in cool cloudy rain. Rainbows followed.

Tom and Saler

The sun then began to beat down on us. So much beauty and ridge walking in the open provides amazing views.

The ridge.

Good views we had at the top of the rocky outcrops where people look like they are on a high ledge but quite safe.

Finally we pop over the end of the ridge and walk down a steep descent over the other side. It was a scramble over rocky outcrops. Steep drops and steep rocky paths.

Zig zags or cross backs take us down to Lake Hawea.

We said bye for now to Nick and Ginny who wanted to do the road walk into Alberttown.

Tom, Saler and I walked down to the lake, stripped off and dipped in the cold Hawea lake. Great for the tired calf muscles.

I was dropped off to my cabin at the Wanaka Holiday Top10 and started to set up for the next section. I did my washing and placed it on the picnic table to dry.

I spent the afternoon walking into Wanaka 2.5km to replenish supplies for lunches and get some fresh food. My resupply box was here waiting for me. Walking back to my cabin from Wanaka I sat on the lake edge and ate marinated mussels and drank blackberry chia drink in the hot sun.

I made a butter chicken for dinner with a huge salad and toasted Vogel bread.

Another section completed and a satisfied tramper.

One thought on “Day 92 Pakituhi Hut to Wanaka via Lake Hawea

  1. Sandra, you are doing magnificently. I think of your food and wonder. Being “in town” & able to get what you feel like while you’re there and the contrasts with what the circumstances dictate when your away from ready food. ?Lentils?

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