Day 38 Palmerston Nth – Kahuterawa Reserve

23 km, hot and sunny, 18 Nov

I left the flat at 7:00 and walked beside a significant Maori reserve.

I was heading for the Fitzherbert Ave Bridge walking along the stop bank. There were many walkers, dogs and cyclists who stopped to ask about TA. These exercise machines were scattered along the way.

I may have seen a drawing like this on social media, I found this one on the entrance to Massey.

The track went though the campus past the dairy and poultry farm paddocks and through the Food Technology buildings. One of these buildings was being built when I trained a group of site managers here a few years ago.

The track weaved around through stands of trees and over bridged streams. There were stairs and lovely bush groves. Short bursts of many different tracks that never seemed to end.

Further on instead of road walking the track lead through green areas. Saplings were planted and left to grow among the grass. It was overgrown, muddy and frustrating. The road would have taken me toward the Tararua Ranges without the long meander observing the good work that has yet to become bush.

Eventually the compact areas of suburbia were passed and a steady climb continued over what is called the Old West Rd.

It was hot, I was tired and today I didn’t seem to get into my stride. I stopped often and adjusted and fiddled with my pack when people stopped me to chat. It was often difficult to balance the pack, the track, my rhthym and be sociable at the same time.

One of my umpteenth lunch stops a TA walker strode up and said hello, we exchanged names and met later at the Reserve.

Kat asked me to join her table where we chatted and cooked our meals.

Early to bed, an early start tomorrow.

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