Day 78 Boyle Flat Hut to Boyle Outdoor Centre

28 Jan, warm.

This walk will take me to Boyle Village, the end of the section.

Back over the swing bridge to the South Track. Then a climb up the hillside to sidle high above the gorge. It followed a forest path to Boyle River.

Narrow sidles

It was not far from here Wayne and I heard the sound of a rock fall. The second time we heard this we realised it may be a sidle bank/path/track giving way.

Always company when you stop for water, these robins come up very close.

More narrow sidles

It was a lengthy walk across more grassy flats, through forest and rock hops across scree falls. Many side creeks with good drinking water so did not have to carry the weighty water with us.

Finally we arrive at the Boyle Village. I was expecting a village or at least a coffee and some lunch options for the next section. Nope it was a carpark. The village was a group of private holiday homes.

Boyle Outdoor Centre was my destination. My food box was sent here and I had accommodation for the night in a cabin.

Wayne wad collected and returned home to Christchurch.

I was going to spend a second night here but since I was the only one there after 5 my washing done I’d be off in the morning over the next section.

The sand flies were ferocious, I survived another section.

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