Day 13 Opua

Zero day, Opua.

A day of rest and repair.
Spent the morning drying out all gear and repair and stitch up my pack where it was unravelling on a pocket.

I tried planning places to stay as I head to Whananaki for the next section. Russell Forest is closed. Reached out got up to date maps and printed them to get to Whangarei. There are flights out of Kerikeri and Whangarei next week to by pass Auckland lockdown.

The weather next week includes rain. Am looking at options from here. Called Richard in Nelson and talked through timing to start again in Queen Charlotte Sound next week.

Had a Chiropractor appointment and sought out a good supply of blister treatment from the Paihia Pharmacy. Countdown in Paihia have good supplies and cheaper. Iodine cream, plasters and blister patches.

Covid update, no 1:00pm message and so watched the 6:00 breaking news. Northland into a 4 day level 3 lockdown.

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