Day 35 Bulls – Feilding

15 Nov, 21km, all road walking.

I had an early night at Loïc’s home and slept really well. Very glad I was inside and not in my tent on the lawn. It rained very heavy most of the night. By morning it was overcast with rain forecasted.

Frankie packed up some samosa’s for my lunch. I meant to take a picture but they didn’t last long enough for that. We had agreed I would slack pack into Feilding and Loïc would follow with my pack on his way to an appointment in Palmerston North. Here are brother and sister team when we met later in Feilding.

I left at 7:00am and headed out to find the road to Feilding. First cross the Rangatikei River bridge and walk up the real busy road. The footpath eventually stopped and I needed to cross the main road and head up a country road.

Finds along the way.

I stopped for lunch at Mt Lees Reserve.

I met a NOBO (walker heading north) I’m SOBO heading south. We chatted and shared a few notes and got on our way.

I arrived in Feilding at 12:15 just in time to meet Loïc and Frankie. We found a cafe and stopped a while before they headed off.

I called John my host for the night and he didn’t finish work until 5:00 but suggested I walk the 3km to his house, someone would be there from 3:00. I went back to the cafe and caught up on social media.

I explored a little bit of the town before heading off to my hosts place. I’ve had a wonderful night with a busy family. The blue ball problem has been solved. This will be revealed later.

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