Day 51 Picton, Ships Cove, Camp Bay Punga Cove.

1 Dec, 28km, cloudy, overcast

My room in The Villa had its own shower, a treat from a dorm room.

I arrived ready for the water taxi (Cougar Water Taxi) with three other walkers promptly at 7:30. Kat, Kaden, and Neil who I had just met.


The water taxi left on time at 8:00, it dropped supplies off along the way and arrived at Ships Cove at 9:20.

Kat and Kayden
Moody skies

All four of us walked along to read and enjoy the monument to the area. Polynesia, Maori and Capt Cook’s visits.

This stream is where Cook healed his crew and set up camp and was a source of life way before then.

We headed out on the track with the destination of 28km, Neil was on his Day One so was really chatty and really excited. He thought he would go to Madsen Camp,18km. We took his picture and enjoyed his enthusiasm.

The track was a carriageway, wide and easy to walk on. I walked with Neil all day, when we got to Fernaux Lodge we stopped for coffee and cake, Neil a meal something on his bucket list. We loitered there a while and two more hikers turned up.

Marty at Fernaux Lodge

We chatted and shared people we had met along the way with Marty and Allan. They will stay at Fernaux the night.

With still 14 km to go I was keen to get going. Marty wanted to swap contact numbers so we could walk the Richmond Ranges together. A great idea to plan ahead for sharing this range.

Neil stopped at Madsen Camp and I walked the 10km to Camp Bay in Punga Cove.

I arrived comfortably at 5:30 and met Kat and Kaden at the Punga Cove Cafe. A flash place, in a wonderful setting This is where I collected my pack.

After an hour socialising, I headed back to camp. Kaden had arrived earlier and was set up but he carried my pack back to the camp and used my Topo Maps to plan his tomorrow while I set my tent up. He had eaten so Kat and I cooked and chatted just on dark. Crash time.

My pack needs to be back at the wharf at 9:00 for transport to Portage tomorrow, I was last into my tent at 9:00.

A lovely evening.

2 thoughts on “Day 51 Picton, Ships Cove, Camp Bay Punga Cove.

  1. A very cool track. You are cracking a pace! I think I could almost do it again when I look at some of these photos Make sure you go up to the lookout just after the place with the triangle huts (can’t think what it was called) one of my favorite view of the sounds.


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