Day 109 Lower Wairaki Hut to Telford Campsite

5 Mar, 9km 4hr, very light wind on the ridge, hot and sunny

I had a good night rest and restoration at the Lower Wairaki Hut and am feeling good even though cramp and sore hands woke me through the night.

The walk today was mainly within the forest. A long uphill first to the Telford Tops in Takitimu Forest.

I’ve seen a lot of this unusual blue colour on twigs and branches that have fallen on the track. I’m not sure what causes it. It doesn’t appear to be a blue colour seen in nature.

It was a slow and steady climb and then quite steep at the end just before hitting the top. This sign appeared.

Once out of the forest and onto the ridge the entire landscape changed. The views were breathtaking after so many days in the closed in forest. If you squint you can see the sea.

It was a bit if a scramble finding a path down the ridge line. It was rocky with several paths to choose from. The markers were a clear guide down yet all you needed to do is reach each one.

When at the roughest part of the rocky downhill I looked up and a falcon was sitting a meter away from me. Once I moved to get a picture it gently flew away behind the ledge. No sound from the falcon very quiet take off.

It was exposed up there on the ridge but the very light wind was refreshing. The markers were easy to follow at this stage.

A most enjoyable half day today. Very glad I didn’t squash two days together.

As I neared the last ridgeline hill and the track was getting flatter I turned internet on and had 4G.

There wad a return message from Jinny telling me their plans and where abouts. I was able to send off a reply.

I could see the camp toilet from the hills before the drop down into the valley.

I arrived and set up camp and then came the sandflies. It was very hot with no shade. I sat in the stream bathing my feet, washed and changed.

I ate and read a book for the remainder of the day. The birds, I thought falcon pairs, squawked and danced in flight. They were either dating, two male rivals or juveniles exploring their world.

my cook up

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