Day 104 Carey’s Hut to Kiwi Burn Hut via Mavora Camping Area

Ends Mavora Walkway, starts Mavora River Track

28 Feb, cold morning, crescent moon. The stars during the night were bright and plentiful when I got up for a pee. The crescent moon was all that was left this morning.

Very tiny spot is the moon.

The ladies yesterday suggested getting a hitch from the Mavora Campsite to the highway late tomorrow. This means missing out on Kiwi Burn Hut and the Mararoa River walk.

I really wanted to walk the River through the beech forest. I had heard it is beautiful. I also noticed many TA miss this section and hitch from the camping ground instead.

Leaving Carey’s Hut was a pretty sight

Discussions last night with Max and Bex we decided to head to Kiwi Burn Hut today. This meant a walk of 10km on the 4WD road and more muddy puddles to wade through to start the day.

The road finally gave way to beech forest and a track to the camp.

Visitors on the road. I heard a lot of swearing and yelling up ahead and around the corner came a wagon led by two horses.

The wagon driver stopped for a chat. The yelling at the horses unsettled me a little. I noticed both horses were independently trying to avoid the puddle and mud as did the riders that followed. The yelling was agressive and I thought it not a good training method. But hey I’m no expert on these things.

Because the Otago Cavalcade is cancelled this year this group decided to have their own run. Three other horses followed each with a rider.

I used the loo at the camp ground and came out to find Bex and Max deciding where to have their breakfast. They had left the hut after me. I was glad to see them again.

We ate our meal and then Ian arrived with three cold bananas. He chatted and talked about what he knew of the area and how Carey’s hut was named. He also mentioned the lack of snow in the basin above. All gone this year. Reality of what’s happening environmentally.

We 3 headed off in the direction of Kiwi Burn Hut. Through the campground and over the bridge to begin the forest river track.

It took us around the North Mavora Lake to the South Mavora Lake. Through beautiful bush and grassy areas.

We stopped for a break and more food and carried on through lovely bush before finding the hut on a piece of large grass area.

We were all tired after the fast walk. 28 km, Max said the fastest they had walked that distance even with the 2 breaks.

We washed in the stream, filled our water bottles and made our dinner. The wind was cold, it took a while to warm up and relax.

All tucked up for a river crossing together tomorrow and a hitch to Te Anau. The river crossing is written to be a challenge in the guide yet we are confident together.

Looking back up the lake we had

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