Day 97 Highland Creek Hut to Rose’s Hut

21 Feb, 11km clear and sunny

I left the hut first and had climbed the first knoll when Nick had caught up with me.

This was the most demanding section of Mangatapu Track with two climbs where you gain and lose 450m on each.

The zigzag went up a crumbling spur to Knuckles Peak north west ridge then a sidle down to the side of a creek. Only to then climb again to Knuckle Peak south western side.

Then it’s all downhill along a fence line from here to Roses Hut.

The moon

Knowing there were two big climbs and descents over windy ridges made it easier to enjoy the views, take my time and aim to get there. We did, in less than the DOC time.

Pleased with ourselves to be resting early at the hut after another great day. Shortly after arriving a NOBO joined us. Then soon after Max and Bec arrived. The hut was alive with lots of common tramping stories and as usual talk about the best tramping food.

We were all tucked in before dark and the night was moonless until after midnight.

The top of the first climb with the moon in behind
Rose’s Hut

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