Getting to Cape Reinga

I left Tauranga on 23 Sept to bypass Auckland’s lockdown. Caught up with this guy in Wellington.

Then flew to Kerikeri the next morning and prepared for the ride to the start on Sunday.

It’s been a mission to post updates due to access to wifi, internet and my skills. Ninety Mile Beach had no wifi or internet. GPS offline worked well until I walked out of the cache range especially NZTopo50 maps that was my navigation tool.

I really needed navigation through the Northern Forests but now have the time to sort it. I also could not access Spotify offline without internet access. So my plan to listen to podcasts fell flat while on long tedious paths. Walking it takes longer to get from one end to the other without much in between on any path.

It all worked well on practice before leaving Tauranga.

And so I have some catch-up to do and apologise in advance for the bulk over the next few days.

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