Day 72 Lakehead Hut to John Tait Hut

22 Jan, Lakehead Hut to John Tait Hut. 15km
Warm, sunny, another balmy night.

I woke early but stayed in bed so that the family group could sleep in. Through the night lights were flashing outside the hut, I thought someone was looking for something outside. When I did get up at 6:30am two young boys were pulling their tent down, the lights must have been their headlamps. They weren’t quiet, so I began my morning shuffle.

Later in the day I learnt these two boys made crazy distance and must have walked without breaks.

After a short time Mt Travers came into view, just beyond Hopeless Creek. The is the first Pass I’ll conquer tomorrow.

There were many people on the track today. The runners I shared the shuttle with yesterday came through first. Some others passing me others coming toward me. It was nice to have company on the track. I was quick to ask everyone of they were doing the TA, I think too quick embarrassing myself. Most were local section walkers enjoying their back yard.

Beyond the day loop tracks the markers were creative. Easy to miss this turnoff.

I met Elizabeth, 83y returning from Nelson Lakes Huts after a few days solo tramp to enjoy tracks she has walked many times. She was a delight.

The track was more of the same as yesterday becoming a little more rumpty. It followed the Travers River up the valley. Very pretty.

I was first to arrive at John Tait Hut, while I was having a bath in the river two blokes arrived to collect water as they passed through. Soon after two TA walkers arrived and decided to stay too. Ryan and Georgia. Later another arrived, Mat.

We sat and had a quiet but enjoyable night. At one stage Mat said, “look”, it was a baby rat with big see-through ears 2 meters away. A discussion followed on the difference and why it was a rat not a mouse.

The next half hour the kitchen area was cleared and our food stored hanging from above.

All set for an early start tomorrow. There are varying times stated for the walk to the huts. There is also a big climb as well as a sharp descent. So with a push and just finishing two easy days I’m hoping my knees will know the job ahead.

One thought on “Day 72 Lakehead Hut to John Tait Hut

  1. Ha ha Ha. Rat/mouse convo. The essential discussions in life. Yes, when you’re at one with nature! Appreciating what’s around you. That rat needed your attention.

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