Day 77 Anne Hut to Boyd Flat Hut via Anne Saddle

27 Jan, 17km, hot

There was a bridge out from Anne Hut and then onto more cattle flats. It seemed these flats go on forever before the gentle climb over Anne Saddle in the beech forest. At the bottom was Boyle River Valley after a steep descent.

Rokeby Hut was another real beauty. Rustic and liveable. A good lunch spot until the sandflies found you. The bunks had a slung base, the old stove had instructions to light the fire in the left door because the right door is the oven.

I didn’t stay there but shared my lunch with the sandflies.

Boyd Hut Flat was the last night for Wayne who shared the contents of his pack. He gave away food, auctioned nuts and pulled out his speaker. We listened to Nora Jones and chatted about what life is all about in great detail.

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