Day 114 Riverton to Invercargill via Oreti Beach

10 March, rain misty

We were up and off to the supermarket to get snacks for the day. Marina dropped us back to her place to pick up our packs.

Bex and Max with scones
Oreti Beach in the foggy mist. This lasted till late morning.
Abandoned cars to the beach. There were several of these along the beach.
The birds
Similar to Ninety Mile Beach accept we couldn’t see the destination until we were nearly there.
At the end of the beaches. Time to head inland and on the road.
The Cabbage Tree pub It was hot and hard walking the road. Although there was a shoulder and a gravel path to walk on it was a shared cycle track where often we had to walk on the road shoulder close to the white line. Dangerous with trucks coming and going.
Two old men taking their horse for a walk.
Finally made Invercargill.

Bex and Max walked on to their trail angels home and I stopped at the Tuatara Backpackers.

Later on four Waiarapa trampers appeared in the dorm. All mid 70 and had just completed a gruelling two night three day tramp.

They invited me to join them and we had a hilarious time over dinner. They had tramped every year together for over 40 years. They told some good yarns about the usual possum in the hut and others that come from shared adventures in huts and on tracks.

All five of us headed to our bunks and me to organise my pack and storage for final day to Bluff tomorrow.

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