Day 57 Pelorus Bridge Carpark to Middy Hut via Captain Creek Hut

7 Dec, 13km

The glamping hut, aka Blue Moon Hut was awake and breakfast was underway when Vronny had two possums caught in her traps so she and Marty went off to shoot them with a 22.

Finally underway we were dropped off at the Richmond Range trail head at 7:30 to follow the old Nelson trampers tracks up to Captain Creek Hut

The first section follows Pelorus River to Emerald Pool and picnic spot. Then it climbs, sidles and returns to the river to arrive at Captain Creek Hut.

A fisher past us, he was heading up to the head waters at Starveall for 3 days fishing. As I arrived at Captain Creek Hut for a break Marty was waiting with a cup of tea. He was keen to get away just as two trampers arrived for a break also. Then a jet boat with two aboard stopped for a chat. While the river was high the jet boat was taken for a spin. The Pelorus River is high, brown and swiftly flowing.

We all set off in our own direction. For us it was heading along swing bridges leaving Pelorus River just past the confluence with Fishtail Stream where shortly after we found Middy Hut. A couple of swing bridges until the final one that swayed a lot. No wind fortunately but very safe. I asked Marty for a picture mid bridge crossing, his reply is clear by this picture. 😆

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