Day 16 In transit

Tauranga – Turangi – Taumaranui
27 Oct
Overcast – warm

I was collected by Sharon at 5:30 on her way to open the cafe. Such wonderful support from all at The Strand Cafe.

A beautiful morning! Oh those early starts are always rewarded with this view.

A quick coffee and catch-up then head to the bus stop to catch the 7:00 Intercity to Turangi.

It’s good to be heading back yet my stomach has its own party going on. My breakfast porridge sits heavily within my rested body. People say how brave I am, inspirational and why not retire gracefully. Maybe, yet adventure equals living a full life so I’m gonna give this my best shot.

A headache came on from the low direct sunlight shining straight into my eyes and then I remembered, I get travel sickness so reading is out for the bus ride.

What’s different to setting out at Taumaranui than at Cape Reinga? It’s not the same, I know how tough it can be now and having a plan B is sensible. So here it is!

I also want to experience Te Araroa pathway fully. As the bus approached Rotorua the mist and sky became grey and the temperature fell a few degrees. Those hills in the distance look bleak. The forecast is for rain for the rest of the week. That’s where plan B comes in. I’ve booked ahead as a TA walker with flexibility for arrival days.

Due to rain I have booked Taumaranui Holiday Park a cabin for tonight. Tomorrow, booked at Owhango Adventures, will find a spot in the grass at Cokers after that before pressing on to Tongariro Holiday Park a cabin.

There I’ll know the weather for Tongariro Crossing on Sunday. Am planning a night at Whakapapa Holiday Park , Mangahuia Camp and then National Park YHA where my resupply box should have arrived.

Taumaranui i-site are great for booking services and cabins for wet weather, the Whanganui River jetboats and Steve the ‘My waka’ guy is also a good number to have.

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