Day 33 Whangaehu – Koitiata

Overcast, muggy and warm, spitting rain while walking, early evening showers.

An early start so that Rob and George could drop me off at Whangaehu Beach Road to start walking at 7:00. It had been worked out that I needed to make a water crossing at midday and no later than 1:30.

Te Whare Kereru

Rob has his rituals as part of his kaitiaki role. He and George prefer kaitiaki rather than the American term, trail angel. They ensure TA walkers are cared for so they can keep going and finish the TA. They do this by opening their home to visitors and take care of them.

One role is to photograph his TA walkers as they leave and post pics on the TA fb site. They didn’t drive away until I had turned the corner about 500m up the road. These pics are shared on my fb page. I was given a stress ball with challenges. I bounced it and it ricocheted under the car.

Rob also has names for places with significant meanings. Here I am at Sandro’s fence, behind is an old pa site significant to his Whanganui River whanau. At breakfast we sent a voice message to Sandro. George whips up scones for lunch too.

Today was a 5km sealed road walk, another 5km on farm roads and a final 5km along Turakina Beach. I had to cross a narrow waterway to get to Koitiata Camp.

Whangaehu Beach Rd
The farm track to the beach
Turakina Beach

Sights along the way. Cows had a race under the road and after milking they followed their path under the road to their paddock. Meanwhile their calves were fed in a nearby paddock and bleated looking for their mum’s. The next farm did not have a fancy tunnel under the road but a line across the road 10cm off the ground. Don’t know how the cows knew where to go.

Turakina Beach was driftwood heaven, it was everywhere.

Seabirds swirled around above me by the plenty.

I safely made the river crossing, set up camp, cooked up lunch and relaxed all afternoon. Finds for today.

No wifi but had the camp to myself until I discovered this spot.

George making sure Sandra is strapped in

2 thoughts on “Day 33 Whangaehu – Koitiata

  1. Wow, Wow, Wow. George & Rob certainly have the wairua of Kaitiaki. Long may they continue. Pity the guru of Fb TA apparently isn’t accepting the kaupapa of this. Anyhoo, you’re looking healthy & fit, missus! Lovely story, lovely pics. I get the sense you’re into your stride now and comfortably doing this.


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