Day 47 Te Ahumairangi (Tinakori Hill) – Botanical Gardens

27 Nov, not many km, warm and becoming overcast.

I was picked up by Steph at the Ngaio station and we headed off for coffee at a local Ngaio cafe. We had a wonderful catch-up since our first meeting on the road in Kerikeri, Steph rescued me from a road walk ordeal. What a different place I’m now in after 650 plus km.

I’m pleased to announce my strategy for walking roads has improved dramatically since Kerikeri.

Here she is trail angel Steoh.

Steph offered to drive me to the trail head after we exhausted sharing info on everything tramping and through hiking. She drove me to her place to offload a sit pad (I lost mine on day 2) and a new bee printed kula cloth. 🙏

I asked to be taken to the top of Weld St, she drove way past the track entry. WOW what a narrow, steep, road. I’m so glad I wasn’t walking. It was a giggle and much more fun weaving up the steep slope. Being driven this section gave me a good perspective on Wadestown and the hills people manage in Wellington everyday.

Anyway I was sent on my way and we may catch up in Stewart Island early March. Thanks Steph, you are an angel.

With the tough road climb and urban walk passed (note to self I missed the river gorge), all I had to do is walk Te Ahumairangi.

This was a pretty dirt metal track that meandered across the valley along the Northern Walkway. I stopped for lunch and enjoyed the views over the city.

See the Cake Tin?
Looking South
Pines close to the city end
The concrete begins, Sloane Island in the background

I arrived at St Mary’s Cottage an Anglican orphanage home for young girls over 120 years ago. How time goes in circles to address housing needs that was once met by the church and wealthy benefactors. Different times same problem, housing!

The sun went and the wind came as the Domain came into sight
Botanical gardens
The parrot bird screech was common on this walk. Borne out by the green belt treasured by Wellingtonians that surrounds their city.
Lots of butterfly although this one was lethargic and let me examine closer.

I finished my walk following these signs I first met the day I arrived in Wellington.

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