Feb 5 – 6 Christchurch

The rain is still falling as we plan the next stage watching weather forecasts and evaluating how best to use the time we have.

We planned to meet others in Addington Coffee Coop for coffee and then get supplies and replace gear. Later we met at 12 Bar for live music and food. Still on tramp time we were all ready for for our beds early.

Bivouac, Further Faster an outdoor store and Noel Leeming were all on the list to replace gear. This took all day.

I also got an intercity bus seat to Tekapo, rearranged drop boxes and planned my start from Tekapo.

A rest and recover day on Sunday Waitangi Day. Injuries are fairly minor but the thump from my pack on my back when I fell over a week ago is still quite sore. The deep shin graze and bruising on my left leg is still very tender. These should not impact my next tramp.

This kitten was born yesterday.
A tree frog fed a fly a week and kept in a tank with its mate.

Clo is a coffee specialist, French and enjoys the taste of coffee. He is using Wayne’s coffee machine here. A Nelson barista and travels the world by foot and by bike. His next adventure starts after Bluff and will cycle Melbourne to Darwin via Adelaide.

Two artists.

Siene and Tracy are both artists. Siene draws each hut she stays in. Here they discuss the drawing process and outcome of Siene’s watercolour of Tracy’s wall.

Millie is old and patient like me.

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