Day 52, Camp Bay Punga Cove, – Cowshed Camp, Portage

2 Dec, 23km, cloudy and warm

I woke early to the birds singing across the valley and was up and ready to go at 6:30. I took my pack to the jetty and took some pics. Calm and peaceful.

Punga Cove Jetty

I met Kat on my return she was heading to the jetty for pics too. I was off at 7:00 and on my way.

The day was a good walk along side of each valley and traversing Tenepuru Valley. The track was a carriageway, many slips from the July rains.

I walked alone all day and managed the hills better on my own. You sort of get into a stride and then you’re at the top ready for the next one.

After a short time I was joined by Kat and Kaden. Kat met a friend and so Kaden and I had a nice meal at the Portage. Very nice posh place for hikers.

I spent a while on the shore getting some notes here on the blog and looking at the shots of the day. Amazing colours, birds, sounds and smell.

It is the most picturesque place to walk. Another wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Day 52, Camp Bay Punga Cove, – Cowshed Camp, Portage

  1. Those photos are amazing – and it is an AMAZING walk – so glad you have seen it like this after some tough paths. There are some decent hills. We stayed two nights at Portage from memory and did a kayak out on the day we didn’t walk which was fun. The wind chopped the bay up later in the day, so was glad we did it guided.

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    1. Portage is a beautiful location. At the moment they are still recovering from the July storms with so many slips, road closures and remote access. A road opened to allow some residents through during my short visit.


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