Day 94 Wanaka to Glendhu Camp

18 Feb, overcast with a cool wind, 20km from Top10

I left my cabin for the lakeside walk around past the famous Wanaka Tree.

I saw Laura ahead of me and finally caught up with her.

The gentle walk met cyclists and day walkers. I stopped to chat with a Wanaka lady as Laura walked on. Laura planned to miss the rain forecasted for tomorrow and press on to the hut.

The lady told me the first hut on Milford Track is closed due to a cleaner having Covid an today Ngaire begins her Milford walk. I planned to link up with Ngaire and do a Great Walk with next week but now I’m hesitant. I’m safer in the back country avoiding the popular and heavier walking traffic.

As I contemplated options the views were still providing excitement for me around the lakeside.

The clouds were building in the hills
Pretty rocky beaches

Closer to the Glendhu Motor Camp the walkway + cycle track became a nature walk.

I set up my tent in the blustery wind and ate the rest of my fresh food.

Feeling really cold and tired I had an afternoon nap with the loud sound of waves on the lake close by.

When I woke I set up for a wet pack up in the morning and reviewed the route.

One thought on “Day 94 Wanaka to Glendhu Camp

  1. Walking in beautiful area today. Feels familiar to me, from my trip there 4 yrs ago. Got to get THE tree in. Sounds like some sensible decision making. Go well.

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