Day 105 Kiwi Burn Hut to Te Anau

1 March, overcast light spits of rain, cold wind

We woke about the same time and slowly sorted and packed up to leave the final hut in the Mavora Lakes section.

Kiwi Burn Hut

First we had to cross the grass field and across a couple of side streams before a short beech forest track to the junction we walked yesterday. Max and Bex built a bridge of stone across each to keep the feet dry a little longer.

Finally we reached the turnoff and crossed a larger side stream to meet the Marora River. We expected the crossing to be an easy cross but the crossing was written in the guide of one ‘to be weary of’. It was a knee deep wander across. We wondered what all the fuss was about from NOBO as they passed on information a yesterday.

Across a field and follow the road 22km to the highway. Internet service brought news of the Covid outbreak and free restrictions on travel. Also the invasion of Russia into the Ukraine.

The long walk in from Kiwi Burn Hut via the road
Bex and Max
Bex and Sandra

Very few cars yet perfect overcast day to road walk. A few DOC transport passed and after about 10km one car picked all 3 of us up and took us to SH 94.

We then hitched from there into The Anau the 33km.

In Te Anau we were dropped off at Sandfly Cafe and got coffee and a bite.

Here is Bex plugging her phone into the breakfast cereal. The bag was to protect her power bank. Something to crow about writing on the bag.

We sorted out our next move independantly and I headed to my Top10 accommodation around the corner.

Ngaire was in town and leaves tomorrow for her Routeburn walk before heading back to Tauranga. We met and had a good catch up on the lake front. The cold wind sent us to the Sandfly Cafe where we had a glass of wine. 12 months to the day we went into the Urewera and tramped Moerangi Track together. We had a second glass to celebrate our recent walks.

Feeling tired I left Ngaire went to pick up a few items from the supermarket for the next section and returned to my room.

All set for a refresh day tomorrow and a zero day.

2 thoughts on “Day 105 Kiwi Burn Hut to Te Anau

  1. Glad to see you found THE spot for coffee and a bit. The other coffee shop was in the pub – Alpress app told me that! Pleased to see you did the extra walk – great photos and worth the views – why miss that ?


  2. we had a great stay in Te Anau at New Year before we went to Doubtful Sound – will be back without doubt!


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