Day 41 Makahika Cairn Camp – The Outdoor Centre – Levin

21 Nov, 15km overcast

It was a slow morning and a very dewwy night so I waited for the sun to come up to dry my tent out. It didn’t but I was reluctant to leave camp yet. The camp was in a valley surrounded by large native forest.

Large rimu, small tents

It was enjoyable sitting watching the day wake up with a cup of endless tea with my muesli albeit at leisure pace. Usually I’m walking by 7:00 but today I wanted no pressure to be somewhere before the weather changes.


The pressure is difficult to explain. People at camp or on the track go out to knock off enormous kilometers today or get ‘there’ in good time. Or at least that is common conversation. Where did you camp last night, how far today, how many km, how long did it take you, what time did you set off etc?

The stream

I’m happy just to get there or change plans if I’m unlikely to get there. In the last few days I felt I needed to hurry or I’m too slow but now realise those young ones who pass me at speed up hills end up at the same place I’m just a bit later.

Reluctant to leave

Finally I left camp to walk to the Outdoor Centre arriving at midday. I talked with John, the guru at the centre, about weather and he suggested I head to Levin to get past the rain tonight. He said it is still very muddy up there. If I was challenged in the mud earlier (and I was) leave the hills to dry out before the big ascent.

It was 12 km to Levin so off I trotted, leaving $5 in the donation box. They allow TA walkers use of the black shed where there is fresh bore and filtered water, showers and compostable toilets. Plenty of camp spots and a nice clean bench.

Makahika Outdoor Centre TA digs

A gravel road then tarseal.

White lupins in the area. Mainly pink north of here

A large slip meant a bypass has been built for all transport. I noticed two walkers up ahead. I caught them at Poads Rd as they rested. Neil and Simon are brothers who spend a month a year on the TA. They were waiting for Glenis, Simon’s wife to collect them and take them to Levin where they live.

I was offered a lift and was dropped off at the Levin Holiday Park. They apologised they couldn’t billet me they had others expected to stay and join them in their tramp.

Neil and Simon are waiting out tonight’s rain, will resupply and head back asap with 2 more friends to join them.

The dark Tararua Range
This is the subsoil. No wonder round rocks are on the tracks.
Another track conquered.
Narrow ledge
Room for one foot or two?

3 thoughts on “Day 41 Makahika Cairn Camp – The Outdoor Centre – Levin

  1. Well, I’m glad you are taking your time and releasing some of the pressure (not what it’s about). I continued to admire your strength and determination. Stay safe my friend.

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  2. Beautiful New Zealand and you’re in amongst it.. I see a clean boot at the end! You’ll never regret doing TA your way. The youngsters will still think they’ve had a fantabulous time. Your time there has been your fantabulous time.

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