Day 17 Taumarunui – Owhango

28 Oct, 1048km – 1074km, 26+3.5km, 8.5hrs

Light rain first hour, misty but dry until 2:00, then steady showers.

My night in the cabin at Taumarunui Holiday Park was 3.5km from the town centre meaning I had that much further to start the walk.

Yesterday, Steve the, ‘My Waka, your Waka’ shuttle driver suggested going to the i-site first and he wait to take me to the cabin, now I know why, the 3.5 walk. It was good having yesterday afternoon to explore the old place.

The old trees stood proud on the perimeter of the park. The park is quite basic with almost very little development, it being a pleasure to enjoy the old trees that may have been removed if the area had been developed.

The trains throttled through all night on the nearby tracks as well as the freight trucks on the road. Very noisy I suppose people get used to it.

Not a lot of business at the moment, tourism and walkers has been very slow. Hence no wifi available.

These boys were making spears to catch rabbits. They were happy to pose for the shot. ‘We’re famous’, they said to each other and off they went hunting.

Rabbit hunting

I left the cabin at 7:30 in the morning hoping to beat the rain forecast for afternoon rain. I aimed to get there around 3:00. I had two 15min stops and ambled in at 4:00.


I don’t enjoy gravel road walking. The tar seal turned to gravel just before the incline and steady rain joined it.

Just when my spirits were low I tumbled when a car met me on a corner. He stopped and asked if I had seen a set of keys. I responded saying I saw a dollar coin on the bridge at Taumarunui.

He drove off yelling out a number if I found his keys. Fortunately I’ve found most people are pleasant.

The rain got heavier and I was over everything when Owhango came into sight as I crossed the railway lines. I received a text to say the door is left open for me and I’ll be the only one staying the night.

I ambled in feeling similar to those long beach days, tired, hungry and sore. Dripping water, straight into a hot shower. Repaired my feet. My toes have their own direction and cross over each other inside my shoes so ongoing repairs are necessary.

I hung my clothes out to dry and turned the oil heater up. Everything in my pack was dry! Yayy!

After all of that no 2degrees internet and wifi was set up in a way I couldn’t make work. I’ll have to get a forecast tomorrow.

The guide says the 42Traverse is a mud slide in the wet so I’m probably going to change my plans since camping is the only option on that track tonight. I’ll look for a dry place with internet and wifi to restore. Yep first day back and I’m grizzling. Paula a cycle expert warned me not to cycle the 42Traverse unless I knew how to ride, advice I’m going to follow in the wet.

I made a cuppa tea with a kettle left out and cooked my dinner on the bar counter. The old pub felt like an old western empty film set. Me with my burner cooking up my curry chicken.

As I’m writing this post it is bucketing down outside. I have watched the hills in the distance gain and loose itself in the landscape.

Trucks tear down SH4 shaking the whole building. Very spooky felt like an earthquake shaking windows everything.

Photos for the day include a perfect property for sale for a trail angel, wanting to be near Taumaruni plenty of space for tents 🤭


The farm animals.

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