Day 28 Matahiwi – Rivertime

8 Nov

Matahiwi Gallery Roadside Cabins 23km – Rivertime Lodge 46km, 23km, 6hrs.

Very hot sun with afternoon cloud cover.

I popped my head out of the cabin to see if there was more to see after the sun went down last night. The crescent moon and stars was the only light in the valley. It feels good to be in total darkness with the sounds and smell of the bush.

I woke this morning to a valley of peacock squawks and timber cracking in a near paddock. There was a sign that said ‘danger tree felling ahead’. I was walking in the opposite direction so only heard it. The peacocks are plenty in the bush here and another pest.

The bush telegraph works well along these tracks. With no services, word of mouth is all you have to let accommodation people know ahead you want to stay with them. I often have no phone, no email and no internet. Most cabins have wifi to access an internet service but 2° has not served me well in these back blocks.

I had no firm plan of where to stay before hopping onto the jet boat. On boarding the skipper radioed ahead to Pipiriki and a cabin was waiting for me when I arrived. Pipiriki emailed Matahiwi and Rivertime Lodge ahead letting them know I’ll be staying and when. Instructions were passed on to me verbally each stop.

On arrival at Matahiwi a note was left with instructions to phone using a land line and I was greeted within a few minutes. This morning a message was passed on to me saying how to get into my cabin at Rivertime because Frances won’t be there. I will be the sole occupant once again.

I’ve finally learnt how to easily lift my loaded pack onto my back. Haha you may have thought I’d figure that out before now! But a fall on the gravel road a few days ago have left me with bruised ribs, painful to sneeze. Panadol Plus is magical.

I realised I didn’t appreciate the scenery yesterday and today I took my blinkers off. Yes a sealed road and it’s really hot. Now what else is there?

Not much other than magnificent scenery, peaceful farm yards and animals and interesting things on the road. A dead deer that had fallen off the cliff on the side of the ditch. I don’t photograph dead animals, the green butterfly and camouflaged frog is the exception.

It was a hard walk today in the heat, I stopped for lunch at a waypoint marked as a tent site with toilet and running water. Very near where I originally planned to stay in Downes Hut, the only problem was the hut was for the canoe TAers and on the other side of the river. Like little huts from a distance it looks like a face.

Downes Hut DOC

I arrived at the deserted Rivertime Lodge at 3:00 and followed verbal instructions to access my spot.

One thought on “Day 28 Matahiwi – Rivertime

  1. Pleased you’ve appreciated the steps to nowhere and send to us too. Reminds me of the chimney trees my Pat used to speak about.Magnificent country to see and be in. Thankyou.


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