Day 50 Wellington – Picton

30 Nov, zero km, overcast rain

I was up early, packed and off to meet the muster time of 7:15 for an 8:15 sailing. The ferry finally left port at 9:40 meaning I would miss the water taxi to the trailhead and have to stay over in Picton.

An overcast and dull day.
Calm seas.

A long wait and very quiet with only 6 walk-on passengers. Finally the car passengers arrived and after another long delay we set sail. Calm seas and uneventful.

I met a section hiker on board Kaden who was good company. Together we navigated options and individually decided on action. I booked transport for tomorrow, changed camp sites and arranged for my pack to be delivered to the campsites. A great idea from Kaden, slack pack through Queen Charlotte Track.

Accommodation was easily booked at the Villa a popular flash Backpackers and off to see the town.

A pretty sight down on London Quay.

I had to sit down and work out the km to get to Pelorus Bridge the track after Queen Charlotte. Then I had to work out where each campsite was since I wasn’t staying in DOC shelters any longer. Was it doable, could I meet up with my pack over the terrain?

Queen Charlotte is a Great Walk and set out for day walkers who stay in resort style accommodation, I’m camping. I could only get my bag carried to where jetty’s are. Maps from DOC, the water taxi and the i-site each have different maps with slightly different camp names. To top it off my tickets were childrens because they had run out of adults.

All done I relaxed and prepared for an early night all set for tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 50 Wellington – Picton

  1. i’m very excited to see the South Island with you Sandra, although we explored the North Island extensively, I hear it is just as beautiful. take care, and enjoy every step


      1. Argh Carole, the south island is a place to return to. Walking the back country hills is for sure something new to me. I may get hooked on the adrenalin sporting rush, so unlike me! So glad you are enjoying my memories, calamities and stuff.


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