Day 45 Zero

25 Nov.

My mission today was to buy new shoes and resupply for the South Island next week. I had ideas to commute and walk this afternoon but a shoe dilemma delayed ever walking today. I became obsessed with Stews success.

The story goes that Shoe Clinic fit your foot into the perfect hiking shoe, or they did for Stew. His feet were a mess in his old favourite boots so he followed advice and paid a visit to the Shoe Clinic.

Stewart left his old worn in fav boots behind in the store and walked out of the shop with his new trail shoes. He was a very happy tramper! So delighted with the cushioning and support the perfect shoe provided him, 100% turn a round.

That’s what I was going for, no more sore little pinkies or having to change to my Tevas. No more blood blisters or pinky toes that need their own room.

The sales assistants at Wellington Shoe Clinic tried every option on my feet, all sizes, men’s and women’s. Every option was offered and tested. The store looked like a Barbie-going-hiking party. My foot was too wide, too short or fat to suit the best trail shoe.

What I did learn was how a trail shoe fits and propels you into the next step, all making tramping a breeze. Gee, float like a butterfly, they are designed for rough terrain too with good gripping soles. Amazing, BUT not available in my size, anywhere. Ouch!

After an hour of two staff searching, calling their support and warehouses, nope nothing available in the half-size I needed. Eventually I relieved the sales people who assisted me to tidy up and I left the store.

My next stop was every other sports shoe store in Wellington. No footwear like that float feel, that wrapped around my short fat square block feet.

Deflated thinking I’ll have to continue with the same problem I got on with the rest of my Zero day list to resupply and pack for 4 days Queen Charlotte Track and 9 days Richmond Ranges. Plan the final 3 Wellington days and plot my path south.

Next, I returned to the Shoe Clinic! Eek here she is again. After I left this morning they found a shoe that was mis filed out the back but they didn’t have my number to call me.

A long story but I need to have my feet on the ground, I’ve toppled too many times and prefer to float like a butterfly.

Like Stew I left the shop relieved. What TA has taught me is never give up, there is always a way.

6 thoughts on “Day 45 Zero

  1. It’s like the old ad for tyres…”everything is riding on your tyres (shoes)” so now you have happy feet. Love the colour too 🙂


  2. Never knew your feet were too wide, too short or fat! ha ha. Vitally important to have good fitting footwear. Make a note of their details. (Sad to say) you may need another pair before your journey’s end. Probably couldn’t be in any better town to be shopping for these. South Is here I come!!! Enjoy your few Wellington days.


  3. I know your pain – Shoe Science in Newmarket – have sorted me and my boys for a few years – the boys have good Island feet – size 12 or 13 (mens) and wide! I brought a pair of Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 – used them for walking the Coromandel paths – including the Pinnacles, my cycle trips and also golf. I have a wide foot/high instep and need a shoe horn ($1.50 in Ballantynes in CHC) – but they have been my best investment for shoes. But would they stand up to TA walking – not so sure – it is relentless and some tough surfaces.


    1. Great advice and info Helen. People talk a lot about shoe comfort. It’s not until I heard how other people solved their issues that I woke up.
      You are right about the ‘walking everyday’ and different terrain; wet/dry, gravel/grass, hilly/flat etc. No one shoe meets all issues and socks are the other component. Wet feet for days, and swollen feet too.
      And if you have fitted your boys with suitable footwear for all that they do, it must be possible.


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