Day 55 Smiths Farm Camp – Nelson

5 Nov, light to heavy rain.

Good morning Linkwater

A ride was arranged to collect resupply packages from Havelock and Pelorus Bridge Cafe. Marty, Neal and myself packed and dried our tents as much as we could before Holly, Marty’s cousin arrived to drive us to Havelock.

This dogwood tree was laden with flowers.

The road connecting Rai Valley and Picton had recently opened up after being closed mid year when heavy rain washed out much of the road. Temporary traffic lights were set up to let one way traffic through at many sections of the road. Last night’s rain filled and coloured the rivers. The cycleway beside the road was closed leaving no space for foot traffic. I was so glad for the lift.

We stopped at the Slip In for morning tea, a lovely cafe on the marina at Linkwater.

Cheese rolls

We discussed options with Richard who had arrived to take me to Nelson to prepare for Richmond Ranges. We all set off for Pelorus Bridge Camp and observed a raging and brown Pelorus River.

Rain was falling steadily as we collected the packages we had posted earlier and ordered lunch at Pelorus Bridge Cafe.

The family below were wandering the end of Anikiwa Track as we finished Queen Charlotte Track. Richard enjoyed speaking German with them.

Marty arranged accommodation for Monday and Neal and I went with Richard to Nelson. We dropped Neal off and got to Richard’s place to dry the tent and wash clothes.

It rained steadily throughout the night as we enjoyed a wonderful pork roast with all the trimmings.

2 thoughts on “Day 55 Smiths Farm Camp – Nelson

  1. South Is = Cheese Rolls – of course. Yummy things. Roast with all the trimmings – wine & cherubs an’ al’. Wonderfully descriptive story-teller. Thankyou.


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