Day 63 Mt Rintoul Hut to Mid Wairoa Hut via Tarn Hut

13 Dec, 14km

We left at 8:00 knowing it would be a big day, the weather was cold and foggy.

First was a hill climb in beech forest with roots as the track. The height was 200m up at 45°.

The tree lined track then went up to Purple Top an open area with poles marking the rocky route. Soon after came Bishops Cap then Tarn Hut.

We agreed to leave a message at the sign if we intended to go down to the hut for water.

L. T. S initials

Ridge walking is my favourite either rocks or bush. Up and down meandering along the tops.

The track lead on to the Wairoa River with a steep descent to the hut. It was really steep, straight down until the hut came into view.

There is a technical challenge around each corner. Large fallen trees blocking the track take a lot to work out the best way to get to the other side without loosing the track. Today the space was so small I pushed my pack through and crawled in behind it.

The challenge is the slope, the space and the drop. Often the track comes to an end and somehow you have to find a way to get to the marker ahead that is a level up or down with a slipped track in between. Argh!

We all walked separately today after the waiting yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The best day in Richmond Range so far.

I had a bath and washed my hair in the river. Although cold it didn’t make me cold but refreshed. Dinner was quick I was exhausted again.

The sky was a mottled pink and blue.

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