Day 82 Hurunui 3 Hut to Locke Stream Hut via Harpers Pass

1 Feb, warm and dry – turned cloudy

There was a lot of discussion in the hut about a weather system bringing rain tomorrow afternoon. Everyone changed plans to beat it and exit before it hits. I was encouraged to aim to make it to Kiwi Hut for a safe river crossing the next day. That meant an extra 3 hrs walking today after Locke Stream Hut.

Growth on the track

The highlight of the day was the variety. Lovely forest walking first before a steady climb 960mtrs to Harpers Pass. You could see way down the valley to the end of tomorrows walk at the end of the Valley.

From Harpers Pass up to Arthur’s Pass.

So I set off south an hour after the NOBO’s set off at 6:00. I arrived at Locke Stream Hut at 4:20. Chatted to walkers staying in the hut the night and set off for Kiwi Hut. I walked about an hour and lost the markers so returned to Locke Stream for the night.

One fear I still have is getting lost. The slips on river banks take away large parts of the track so you have to guess when the track goes into a vacant space. I’m not doing very well on that score yet. Not only when there is natural erosion but where there are no markers at all. The stone cairns help.

A pleasant but really warm morning. Reached Cameron River and crossed on the 3 wire emergency bridge. A challenge but easy doable.

The track was overgrown climbing up the pass so confidence that a track was under the ferns was needed.

There was a lot of rifleman seen today and bellbirds. The robins and fantails always dropping by to say hello.

I had ample power in the borrowed power bank and so I tested my phone battery and listened to music. A real treat. Spotify was such good company.

There was a couple of small huts in between. Cameron hut.

Harpers Pass Bivvy.

Finally I fell on a slippery stone and grazed my shin. It took all my plasters to cover it and keep the mud and dirt out.

Didimo is grimy and in most streams.

Making a path up in zig zag across a slip with moving scree
steep sidles

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