Day 37 Logistics – Palmerston North

17 Nov

5km, I managed to get my boxes posted before walking the connection from the old cemetery to my start point tomorrow. Carrying the boxes was worse than a heavy well packed pack.

Today I tested my boots, they came in a resupply box. My feet are now fit and my blisters have all healed. I get the odd one still.

My ribs have nearly healed. I can take a full lung of breath with a little discomfort only. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I skidded on the gravel road bruising them. It’s been painful to sneeze laugh or expand my rib cage really.

I’m heading into the Tararua Ranges tomorrow so in my pack is 7 days of food and only what I need. The rest is in the two boxes, one sent ahead and the other sent home.

The weather has cleared so I will be off early.

These daisy flowers captured a little sunlight this morning.

Other finds popping out of fences and gates.

Memorial Park with a tribute to ANZAC and WWll servicemen.

More welcome signs.

Large concrete balls.

This is not what you would expect to find in an old cemetery! A plastic snake.

4 thoughts on “Day 37 Logistics – Palmerston North

  1. Enjoy the Tararua’s hope the weather holds for the whole trek through – have been enjoying your photos and commentary and will await photos from ‘up there’!! ENJOY


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