Day 10 Puketi Hut

Zero day, Puketi Hut

5 Oct

Desperate to get access into the hut, eat and dry out everything but I had to wait till 8:00 when the i-site opened and their computers were turned on. Yep, first call was ‘please call back at 8:30 when our computers are on!’ Then they had troubles making the online booking. My phone worked only when sitting on a small seat and a stump nearby so I wasn’t going to muck around. Once they knew how desperate I was clear I was given the access code. They completed my booking later.

A nice hut, electricity for charging electronics no lights, gas stove, fridge, shower and compostable toilet. Beautiful grounds.

Dried all gear out, hand washed clothes, soaked feet, washed boots, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even swept out the hut. A mad woman delighted to be inside, warm and fed.

I was tucked up in bed by 7:00 when a tap tap on the window, a DOC guy advising me of a rabbit shoot tonight. The bird life here was extensive too. Bird calls I am not familiar with.

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