Day 19 National Park

30 Oct, zero day in National Park YHA. 1167km
Weather is changeable, light rain, sunny, cool wind.

I started the day at Macrocarpa Cafe with a big breakfast $21 and a newspaper from the Four Square. The breakfast was way too much for me to get through.

I wrote the blog pages and caught up with mail, then stopped off at the Four Square again. The store is really well stocked with replacement gear or repair essentials. A good spot to resupply too with a wide range of options. And they even had Voltaren which was a surprise!

After reading parts of the newspaper I decided I’m in the right place right now exploring a different world at my pace. What I read was a lot about reactions, opinions, and all of the same thing just from different angles. Maybe that is the Saturday paper too. The world appears dumbed down waiting for something to happen. I’m sure there are similar times in history when time slowed down and the future was uncertain.

I was drawn to the garden to watch the bees.

With help from Taumarunui i-site I set out a plan to head to Whanganui. Haha, those boots are made for walking but at my speed. On Mon I start shorter days toward Whanganui.

I’m assuming and prepared for no internet or wifi until I get to Whanganui in 11 days.

Although the sun shone the hills and mountains were not visible most of the day. The updated forecast looks good for Monday. I managed two longer yoga sessions and walked around the village. The Voltaren helped my old and unfit body.

Hopefully I will get to see a view from the walk to the lookout tomorrow.

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