Day 93 Zero Wanaka

17 Feb, hot and sunny.

Trail angel Steph is also in Wanaka. We arranged to meet early afternoon and have lunch on the lake front.

First thing this morning I had to cook myself breakfast of poached eggs and Vogel bread with herb butter at Top10 Wanaka.

I chatted to people coming and going catching up on world news and various views around the Top10 Village.

Steph and her friend Karen have been tramping various tracks across the area. It was great to natter about hills and mountains and options to walk and discover. An inspiration of travelling our bush tracks in the deep south.

Steph contacted me and said we didn’t get a selfie so we had an extra catch-up at the end of the day. This is the third time we’ve met since she gave me a ride in Kerikeri early October last year.

For me personally this walk has taken me well outside my comfort zone. I see fit young people walking like the ever ready battery that will never run out of energy. My energy is zapped easily in uphill sections. There are plenty of these uppy climbs.

I am constantly reminded to acknowledge my efforts and achievements from those I meet.

The lake front was pristine today in Wanaka.

Back in my cabin I finished track admin and caught up with communications. Phoned and contacted people I needed to before planning my tomorrow.

I’m all set for the next section with a heavy pack. Rain is forecast so my plan is to reach each of the three huts on the Mangatapu Alpine Track then get to Macetown to finish Big Hill Track and arrive in Arrowtown to collect my next box.

One thought on “Day 93 Zero Wanaka

  1. You just keep truckin’ on Sandra. Those young energy bunnies are not there for you to compare y’self too. Just keep doing your own thing. It’s served you well so far. Enjoy it.

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