Day 84 Stuck in Arthur’s Pass

3 – 4 Feb, rain

I arrived ending the Arthur’s Pass section yesterday in rain and rising rivers. Ryan, Clo and Siene are also staying at the Sanctuary, so I have good company.

The Sanctuary, and the Diahatsu

It’s great to be with people who understand the endurance needed, both body and mind. Especially when weather interrupts trip plans.

Planning where-to-next is what is needed both now and when the rivers and rain come back to normal.

Getting lost still impacts me even though that was yesterday. I’m still not keen to walk the next section after heavy rain with crumbly tracks at this stage and so I’m looking at options. The cafe is busy with all sorts of people coming and going. Breakfast was delicious.

The west coast has been hard hit by heavy rain and the king tide resulting in slips. The tracks and sidles next to the rivers I have walked are quite fragile and most likely to be affected while wet.

An option is to jump over this next section and do it later, a loose decision I have already made. The next us where do I jump back on?

As I was arriving in Arthur’s Pass the army truck kitchen convoy was heading to Westport. I stopped a truck and asked what their mission was.  At that stage it was precaution and preparation. 

I understand now the emergency will pass quickly but the tracks will remain sodden and fragile, so staying in the low places makes good sense to me.

Wayne in Christchurch offered to house us, we met him in Lewis Pass. He offered his home for 3 of us to sort out our plans. So I’ve made contact with him. I’ve also made contact with Tsai the owner of the wee car. I’m driving to Christchurch tomorrow, Friday in the 900cc Diahatsu, in the rain. 🤞

I’ve no room for passengers so Clo and Siene will hitch to Christchurch. Transport to and from the West Coast has been cancelled until next week when the weather improves.

The drive to Christchurch was uneventful, slow and wet. I delivered the car to Tsai, and was collected by Wayne and delivered safety to his home in West Melton. We arrived just as Clo and Siene arrived. Wayne’s partner Tracy arrived soon after.

We had a quick supermarket shop and ate normal food

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