Day 18 Owhango – National Park

Owhango – National Park

29 Oct, 1074km – 21km by shuttle

Threatening rain, overcast

My hip was screaming ‘ouch’ after a tumble on the road yesterday, so I’m opting to get a shuttle to National Park.

The Owhango Cafe had wifi access but no 2degrees in the area. Spark only! Tension was building, couldn’t phone or text to get shuttle or any service in Owhango.

A wonderful friendly community cafe at 9:00am take a look at the cabinet food.

Owhango Cafe

I asked how to get a shuttle to Tongariro Holiday Park where I have a bed for tomorrow night, tonight I was meant to be camping. The cafe owner Sue said sit there eat your breakfast and I will take you!

And then I got a weather forecast by another local who said Tongariro Crossing won’t clear for another few days but I needed a local mountain forecast to be sure.

I finally decided to get to National Park instead and flip flop later to do the crossing. From there head off again on the Fisher Track reaching Whanganui River after that. Although there’s a similar weather pattern across the central western north Island.

So a restore day to get my legs moving in unison. I forgot how hard it is doing these long km days.

At National Park Sue showed me the track entry, gave me a tour of the town and dropped me off with words to text her anytime anywhere. A lovely lady who knew the area very well. Having been a meter reader she knew all the back roads and back country as a possum trapper. She said if I was to knock on any door along the Fisher Track I would be made comfortable to pitch my tent.

Forecast was true, thunder due later, for 3 days unsettled. Met service confirmed weather warnings.

My resupply box had arrived, took 4 days from Tauranga and was sitting in the post shop. Even though addressed to YHA rural delivery means it sits at post office until collected. It’s not delivered so be prepared to collect your box during business hours.

My pictures tell the story, so pleased with my first resupply, a glass at the pub. This is the drying room at YHA, a hot burner stoked up, hang your coat and boots to dry. Similar to the moa yesterday at Taumarunui here is a kiwi.

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