Day 86 Tekapo to Lake Ohau via Twizel

10 Feb, cycle and shuttle
Fine, overcast

Ohau weir is closed for bikes, it has rained for 24 hours and the water flow is too dangerous to cross. The Ahuriri River has a window of time to cross before a few more days of rain comes. Ahuriri has a bridge with a 5km walk so that’s doable.

Annie from Bespoke Bikes has agreed to take our packs from Tekapo, collect us at Twizel and deliver the lot to Ohau Lodge later today.

The rain stopped soon after midnight so hopefully the 2 day weather window forecast may become reality.

I’m up early so she can fit me to my bike. Who would have thought I’d be cycling a section of Alps 2 Ocean cycle track?

There it is a brand new Rove E+ electronic bike to cycle 47km. I passed the test, riding up and down the gravel road proving I understood the instructions, gears and I knew and could use the brakes.

This morning at the Backpackers I was advised not to expect an Ahuriri river crossing with the others tomorrow because they are fast walkers and they intend crossing as soon as they approach it.

And so I thought once I had my bike I would toddle off and explore the A2O and learn about this machine. I didn’t see them again until they were collected after me in Twizel at 2:00. I arrived at 11:30, electric bike versus pedal bike.

The views were spectacular although the cloud cover prevented seeing any mountains in the far distance. Glimpses now and again were a tease.

The start out from Tekapo near the power station.
The braided Tekapo river.

A third of the way was following the Tekapo canal. The cloud cover was low and hanging around so no views. Along a gravel bit of the road I lost my new water bottle, this was picked up by Phil, part of the group shuttling together. It was really bumpy, I heard something and thought it was a stone. I realised later when I stopped for a drink it had bounced out of my cycle bag attached behind the seat. The road was mainly sealed but long portions was river stone and chip.

Lake Pukaki

Closer to my destination and crossing the highway the cycle track went along up and down the lakeside of Pukaki. Real fun hooning down the declines and racing up the next.

A couple of wooded areas helped break the cycle track up and a huge stoned rock area covering several football fields. A sign said ‘no stopping this is a flood zone’. So I kept going, up and down along the stoney track.

Several walkers were on the track and other cyclists to share the track with.

One young TA walker NOBO, hopes to camp along the canal where there are signs no camping. I gave him the task to locate my water bottle to replace his lost filter water bottle. He wanted to forward it to me but l more practical that he keeps it. It was returned by Phil later in the day.

It wasn’t far to Twizel, the track went through grass and undulated about a kilometer from the road. Very pleasant ride into town. Grabbed a coffee at The Musterers Hut and ate my lunch in the sun!

It wasn’t long before the muster of bikes, packs and gear was bundled into the Bespoke Bikes van and we were off to Lake Ohau Lodge.

More amazing scenery since the cloud had lifted and the sun very hot at 2:30.

I have accommodation in the old wing of Lake Ohau Lodge and part of the main building where the other three have shared a bunkroom in a building close by.

The wind has picked up out on lake Ohau with white caps breaking the pristine lake scene.

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