Day 67 Hunters Hut to Porters Hut

17 Dec, 9km

These 9km took me 5hrs, DOC suggested it should take 4hrs. Most DOC walking guides took me half as much again to walk them.

Hunters Hut is a newish hut built in memory of two DOC workers who were washed away in a flash flood some years ago. That hut was in a different location.
Wonderful views out to Mt Ellis I had climbed a day or so ago.
The view
Cairns were built of stones to show the way in good and poor visibility.
I have walked from the top right all the way through to the bottom left below the clouds.

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave Hunter’s Hut with a beautiful view to Mt Ellis and Ben Nevis. I finally set out at 7:15.

The rain and wind soon stopped during the boulder climb. It was a day if all sorts climbing through these magnificent hillsides. On the top it was really windy and gusty, throwing me sideways and off balance a couple of times. The track was a ridge pass with fine scree and climbing 45°.

Again the rivers were expected to be high and we’re still ahead for me to cross. I wasn’t sure how wide they might be or technically challenging to cross. I crossed the final hill and in the distance I could see the dot of Rescue Orange the hut paint colour way down in the valley.

The approach was a nice one. A straight line 1km walk to Porters Hut on a slight roll down the hill.

When I arrived at Porters Hut early afternoon it was really hot and sunny. After a quick wash up I lay on the grass and fell asleep

Porters Hut

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