7 + 8 Feb, Christchurch

I had a couple of days before the next intercity bus headed for Tekapo. Clo + Siene and Max + Bex headed out yesterday. Wayne our host drove them to Mesopotamia, a days drive there and back. A generous man.

This gave me time to map out the steps I will take to get to Bluff. I also began Scott Morrison’s te reo book, 30mins a day.

I also wanted to get some better fitting shoes and went back to Further Faster for some Lone Peaks. They fit!

In between there’s been garden meanders of the half acre property, dog walks and catching flies for the tree frogs.

Wayne feeding his pet frogs.

Tracy is an artist and she took me into her studio at her University.

Wayne put some art work up for her. She is doing traditional weaving patterns in recycled paint and plastic coated wire.

I’m looking forward to getting going again out of Tekapo. The plan is for me to take a food box to Tekapo for Clo and Siene before I bike to Tekapo. There are some closures so I’ll find that out when I get there.

Hopefully the five of us can finish in Bluff together, that would be great.

Meanwhile, pack on back and explore. I’m ready, packed and away tomorrow from Christchurch. Bus tomorrow then cycling Thursday with a forecast of rain. 🙃

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