Day 113 Martins Hut to Riverton via Tinaka Beach Track, Long Hilly Track and Round Hill Track

9 Mar, 24km, 9 hrs
We left Martins Hut quickly since Max had to be in Colac Bay at 2:00 for a job interview. The general idea was to get to Riverton yet I wasn’t sure I could make the long walk necessary and was hoping for an easy day and rest in Colac Bay.

We headed out, Max first in his race to meet the appointment and since it was uphill I said to Bex go with Max.

So through the mud we each went as a muddy continuation from yesterday, both ascent and descent. We reached Turnball’s Hut, dirt floor, mattresses and no water source or tank and all stopped for lunch.

Turnball’s Hut

The Ports water race was built for gold mining and yes it was muddy and yes it was the track to follow.

This section was a series of short day walks that lead to a carpark. It was really cold and wet in the carpark and Bex waited a while there for me but decided to carry on and walk to Colac Bay.

When I arrived at the carpark I stopped for a bite to eat and use the DOC loos.

As I was finishing my snack a car drove into the empty carpark and a guy with a backpack got out. His mother had dropped him off as he was heading North. I hitched 4km with her into Colac Bay, we picked up Bex 1km before getting there Max was already on his interview call.

Colac Bay was dead, closed and no cod and chips like I was holding out for. We had 2 hours to wait for the pub to open for access or a meal and it was very cold.

Max finished his interview and we snacked together, I cleaned the mud off my boots in the dog water bucket.

I was intending to stay here but it made no sense so I decided to carry on and leave for Riverton with the others to first walk Tinaka Beach.

The beach was stoney and a real challenge to walk on round stones. A lovely coastal walk until we climbed up over the farms to Moores Reserve.

I wasn’t sure where we were to meet our trail angel host for the night and got lost finding Moore’s Reserve carpark hoping that is the meeting place.

Our host Marina drove us into Riverton and to her home. Her home was the old Riverton Nurses Home. It had sat empty for years and Marina and her husband are intending to renovate to house short term vulnerable families. Impressive.

We had a wonderful home cooked meal and lively chats before showers and bed.

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