Day 31 Whanganui

11 Nov

Peat St to Durie Hill elevator 3km

George cooked a big breakfast, wonderful!

Then I walked into Whanganui to the Mud Ducks cafe. On the back of the staff tee shirts it said, ‘the ducks nuts’. Sitting down by the river ducks, seagulls and other waddling birds scavenged for food. One duck bit my toe! No duck photo, you all know them! But here is the ducks nuts’ tee shirt.

Once my parcel was sent and I visited the i-site I wandered along the river I had followed from it’s source and tributaries way up in the Whanganui National Park several days ago.

I took the Elevator up Durie Hill with views across to Ruapehu.

I was cooking dinner tonight so went to the supermarket. Hamburgers with my own beef patties, chocolate muffins and a carrot cake to ice tomorrow.

While in the supermarket I knocked a jar of pickled onions off the shelf. Whoops they bounced like ping pong balls.

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