Day 53 Cowshed Bay, Portage – Mistletoe Eco Village

3 Dec, 10km, rain overnight, some mist but fine through the day.

I walked with Kaden to my destination and he continued on to catch his ferry to Picton.

Kaden and my fogged up glasses

Two long days plus a short one today 60km, today was only 10km with a couple of hills. Arriving at camp before lunch is a treat and better than a total zero day by getting some km in.

Another beautiful mornings walk following water views, bush and magnificent views across Marlborough Sounds.

It was great talking with Kaden about photography.

Gradually people rolled in off the tracks and set up camp and made their meal.

Marty and Neil walked in separately. Marty and I worked out when and how we would approach the Richmond Range together. It’s good to have a buddy to walk with from Pelorus Bridge.

Covid Passport ID was part of check-in. This was relaxed for Neil but the grace won’t last long for him as he now will find a place to get vaccinated.

All DOC campsites and huts require people to provide their vaccine passport.

2 thoughts on “Day 53 Cowshed Bay, Portage – Mistletoe Eco Village

  1. Sandra teaching pigs to climb trees????? Reminds me of the goats I saw well up in trees in Morocco. Beautiful underrated kunikuni’s. (Spellcheck wanted to correct my kunikuni’s to unionist’s!).


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