Day 74 West Sabine Hut to Blue Lake Hut

24 Jan 7km, warm and dry

A late start for a short days walk this morning I left West Sabine Hut at 9:00. My plan was to enjoy the river but be at the hut by 3:00. After yesterdays long walk today was to be a restore day.

First I crossed a swing bridge and the track went through bush. This signalled the end of the Sabine/Travers circuit. It also connects with the track that leads to The Sabine Hut and Lake Rotoroa.

My walk followed the Sabine River to it’s source. Mainly in bush with steep sections. More avalanche risk zones where cairns marked the way across them. These were often difficult to navigate through and steep in places.

Some places the track had been washed away so a scramble around in the bush and back to the track. Many recent large trees had fallen across the track also blocking the way. Difficult to navigate through to follow markets on the other side. Large trees also had fallen across the river.

I really enjoyed the walk up the Sabine Valley right up to the head waters. Blue Lake sits at the top and Lake Constance higher still.

The final climb was steep and high but it lead to the hut. One other NOBO was already there when I arrived at 2:30. More walkers arriver layer to share the hut.

The Blue Lake was better in real life than a picture can show. There were Canadian Geese on the lake when I wandered along the beach.

Random pictures from previous days.

The Blue Lake Canadian Geese

2 thoughts on “Day 74 West Sabine Hut to Blue Lake Hut

  1. Great to see you are back on track and taking things in your stride (and with some ease, keep that up) – loving the photos, not sure I will get to some of these places, so keep the photos coming, so we can enjoy what we are missing. Just had a couple of days down in BOP at a wedding at Ataahua Gardens, which was superb.

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