Day 91 Stodys Hut to Pakituhi Hut via Breast Hill

15 Feb, 16km, started out rain threatening, ended hot and sunny.

We agreed last night not to head out too early in the morning and so we started waking and heading into the hut around 7:30. Pip was up and packing to head northbound.

A leisurely breakfast and packed the tent away. No dew and no sandflies, a lovely spot to camp.

Finally we get to walk the Breast Hill track leaving the hut around 8:30. It’s a steep climb at first on a 4WD old farm track and then up to the ridgeline, this was a more gradual climb. I was really looking forward to this ridgeline and the views it promised.

Further on at a junction we stopped for a break before taking the steep climb up to Breast Hill. The route to the summit was high and exposed.

As the track broadened on the ridge we came across high altitude merino sheep in huddles.

Once at the top we spent the time enjoying the reward for the hard walk. The views over Lake Hawea and behind us were amazing.

The Timaru River, the narrow valley we walked through yesterday further up the valley.

Two falcons flew in the distance and finally they explored us closer at the summit. We watched them dance and fall until they flew right by. Amazing to sit and watch them. Nick tried to get photos of them in flight and did so, they were fast. This was the highlight so far of my TA walk.

Lunch at the top of Breast Hill

Lunch at the top and after 2 hours enjoying the views, birds and changes in water colour we head down to find the hut 2.5km.

A gradual climb in grass and rock following the fence line.

We arrived at the hut and started the ritual that happens at every hut or camp. Dry boots and socks and get out of walking clothes. All after a bunk has been secured of course.

Later on two hikers arrived in from town for the night. Tom and Saler, they chatted with us until we all settled in for the night.

One thought on “Day 91 Stodys Hut to Pakituhi Hut via Breast Hill

  1. Your views from peaks are your rewards for your hard work. Balance of very, very hard work to get there, the mental processing, physicality and everything else that you contribute, to do it. Enjoy.

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