Day 101 Shuttle to Glenorchy – Greenstone Carpark, and then walk to Greenstone Hut

The start of Mavora Walkway

25 Feb, hot sunny, 11km, 3.5 hrs

The Black Sheep Backpackers in Queensrown had separate sleeping pods in the dorms. The curtain closed off the light and most sounds of the other three in there. There was also an individual light, power point and charging outlet beside the bunk. Under the bunk was room for storage.

Through the night I lost my glasses and still couldn’t find them in the morning. I found them after searching through all my gear at 6:30 under the bunk in the storage locker.

I planned to leave for the shuttle with Nick and Jinny at 9:30. I’ve now learnt how to spell Jinny’s name correctly.

I woke early not only for the glasses hunt but another girl was up to catch an early bus to Milford Sound.

Emma a staff member was really helpful with my couriers and generally all round service. She is an intern on a Batchelor of Adventure Tourism course. At 18 she was perfect for the business. Here she is.

After breakfast the 3 of us headed off to our shuttle pick up spot about 2 km away. We bought a coffee next to the muster spot. This sign was on the table. Stick, not spoons or stirrers or even plural.

The drive around Lake Whakatipu to Glenorchy was scenic.

At Glenorchy I hopped into a mini van out of the bigger bus and headed to the Greenstone Carpark.

The driver showed me the Dart River Bridge where the series The Bridge was filmed.

We finally arrived having driven through ford’s and farmers gates to the Greenstone carpark.

I started walking on my own at 1:15 and headed up a gentle climb on a well formed track before reaching a sign and bridge to cross.

The track varied and was very tame and began at the Greenstone River and went up into Slip Flat. I can understand why the suggestion of taking the Routeburn track is nicer than this but an extra day on a great walk. Next season for me as I sweep through the area again.

A bird flew by and sat on a branch, not sure if it was a stag or a heron.

This is always a good sign to see.

This bridge crossed a narrow and deep rock gorge before a climb to the hut.

Several people were at the hut but only 3 others stayed the night. This is a serviced hut and so not part of the back country pass. We had a quiet night. The other walkers were doing a circuit of the huts so not TA walkers.

Greenstone Hut

Flushing toilets at this serviced hut. And toilet paper! Having to pay $20 is controversial for TA walkers. The word was out the wardens ask for your tickets on the track. There is also no place to put your tickets in the hut.

Off to bed before dark to the sound of the many riflemen birds just outside the window. A pleasant squeeky chirp.

One thought on “Day 101 Shuttle to Glenorchy – Greenstone Carpark, and then walk to Greenstone Hut

  1. Methinks that flying animal was a shag. Looks a pleasant walk for a Sunday afternoon ramble. Found I’ve missed yr day 100. Will read it. Wonderful country you’re in. So what NZ is known for.


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