Day 21 Fisher Track

1 Nov

Fisher Track
National Park – 1.5 before Retaruke Rd

1167km – 1182km, 15km, 6 hrs.

I had a good morning walking the gravel Fisher Track Road and the bonus was the grass walking track all down hill. Rich bush on each side, after so much rain the bush smell was fresh and clean. There was no mountain views at all until climbing to look west.

It was cold last night, 7 degrees when I set out. First stop was National Park train station I chatted to a couple of people walking their dog as I layered up thinking rain still may happen this morning.

The sky was still darkish and cloudy and by 11:30 it had cleared to white puffy clouds and sunshine. At 9km (14 km from YHA) I’d reached a beautiful vista 1180km. Landscape was 180 degrees, no wind, cloudy sky and sunny. I had my lunch, raised my waewae stretched out my back and and then set off again. It wasn’t far before I found a good water source so filled 2 empty 600ml bottles.

I’m really enjoying the expansive farm and bush through this non gravel road area.

Pretty streams, one way bridges and gates to walk past or through.

My camp spot for the night, however dry rimu sticks to everything.

Pictures for the day was the moth, it was the size of my finger, plump but I think it had been run over it looks sick.

The trees and views were much better than the photos above.

I found a spot under rimu trees at 1183km. The ground had a carpet of rimu leaves, it was dry and had the trees as protection

2 thoughts on “Day 21 Fisher Track

  1. those huge white clematis remind me of the bush at our first farm (north of Raglan on the west coast). Scenery looks superb and glad you are getting some better days to walk and enjoy!


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